The 16 Best Automatic Hair Curlers 2021

Best Automatic Hair Curlers

It is rightly said that hair is everything!

And women cannot agree more with this statement. It is a crown that they carry and is proud of. 

Most women love to do is style their hair, and curling has been in trend for quite some time now.

Curling the hair is not an easy task, and if you’ve ever burned your fingers, you will agree to this. 

But the modern world has solved this for you by introducing automatic curling irons. With the right automatic curling iron, you can get the best curls without much hassle.

With the press of a button, the iron is at work and what you get is beautifully curled tresses.

Automatic Hair Curler Buying Guide

Buying a hair curler may seem a daunting task to many women as they don’t know these devices.

Many factors play an important role, and hence, you should keep them in mind before buying one.

  • Heat Settings

The temperature of the iron decides how long the curls will last. It would help if you also kept in mind your hair texture as different hair needs a varied amount of heat.

Hence, it is best to opt for an iron that comes with multiple heat settings.

  • Material

 If you want to create frizz-free, smooth, and shiny curls, opt for materials like tourmaline, ceramic or titanium.

  • Barrel Size

Every woman dreams of getting those perfect curls on the hair. Choosing a barrel size between 1-1.5” is ideal for getting the right curls.

  • Clipped vs. Clipless

A clipped curling iron helps you to have better control and gives tighter curls. On the contrary, if you want to achieve loose waves, a clipless barrel will do the job.

The 16 Best Automatic Hair Curler

Infiniti Pro Curl Secret

The Infiniti Pro curling iron is no less than a revolution in the world of hairstyling.

Equipped with auto-curl technology, it gives you freedom from manually styling your hair.

It draws the hair into the ceramic tourmaline chamber and heats it for effortless curls. The brushless motor creates tangle-free curls to give you the best look.

With 2 heat levels and 3 timer control settings, you can choose a suitable temperature for your hair.

The highest temperature on this iron reaches 400F, which can curl all types of hair.

Ocaliss Automatic Hair Curler

An affordable and efficient way to curl your hair is to get your hands on the Ocaliss curler.

This automatic hair curler is a user-friendly tool to achieve fashionable curls.

It works on the tourmaline ceramic glaze technology that releases negative ions. These ions seal the moisture in hair to keep them frizz-free.

The dual PTC heater lets the iron reach a temperature of 420F in 30 seconds only. Thus, hair styling takes less time.

You can also use the intelligent temperature control feature to control the heat on your hair.

Also, the 360-degree swivel cord facilitates easy maneuvering of the iron.

Conair Curling Iron

If you are still a beginner, then the Conair curling iron is the right choice for you.

Though it does not come with many fancy features, it is perfect for getting the right curls.

It is a device that efficiently handles both short and long thick hair.

The ceramic tourmaline coated iron heats up in 30 seconds, and thus you don’t waste time waiting.

It has a 12-second timer setting, a swivel cord, brushless motor, auto-off feature, and 2 heat settings.

Kiss Instawave Automatic Iron

Have you heard of a hair curler that detangles too? 

The Kiss Instawave iron is a styling tool that not only curls your hair but also smoothens it.

It comes with ceramic ionic technology that adds shine to your hair.

With the curl dial on the iron, you can choose in which direction the barrel rotates. And with 2 heat settings, you can control the iron temperature, which is highest at 420F.

Whether you have long hair or short hair, this iron will give you the most gorgeous-looking curls.

Instyler Max Iron

With this rotating iron, you can switch your boring looks for a pretty curly one.

The rotating barrels are made of tourmaline coated with ceramic. 

This facilitates the distribution of heat evenly, allowing your hair to be styled to perfection.

The bristles of the brush are packed with ionic technology. It helps to seal the moisture and protects the locks from heat damage.

You can choose the most appropriate temperature for your hair from the 4 heat settings. 

Additionally, an automatic shut off feature, swivel cord, rapid heat-up feature make it one of the best gadgets.

BaByliss Pro Nano Curl Iron

This BaByliss pro iron uses a combination of steam and nanotechnology to give you long-lasting curls.

It features 3 direction curls; hence you can choose the one you want.

One of the best features of this device is that it will alert you if too much hair enters the barrel.

This saves your hair from getting tangled. It also lets you be in control of the temperature with 4 setting options.

You can create many different types of curls with this innovative iron to suit all moods.

Ycigfuns Automatic Cordless Iron

This curler iron from Ycigfuns is one of the latest devices out there.

It is a cordless, automatic iron that instantly creates beautiful curls and waves for you.  

The iron features a ¾” ceramic barrel that curls the hair without any damage.

Since the barrel is covered with nanometer silver, ceramic coating, and tourmaline, it protects the hair from frizz and static.

The curl chamber safely curls your hair without any tangles and leaves it with a smooth and soft look. 

You can choose from 6 temperature settings and 11 timers depending upon the curl you desire and the type of hair you have.

Salon Tech 1.25” Automatic Curler

To achieve the most gorgeous looking ringlets and soft curls, you can use the curling wand for beach waves or this Salon Tech automatic curler.

With the press of a button, you can get beautiful, smooth, and soft curls.

However, you can set the desired temperature with the temperature control dial.

The iron heats up to 450F, and hence it can curl even the thickest and coarse hair.

The ceramic barrel of the iron is infused with Nano diamond particles that give a soft finish to the curls and maintain the heat consistency too.

Duomishu Automatic Curling Iron

Go the cordless way to curl your hair with this Duomishu automatic iron.

Bid goodbye to the tangled cords and welcome beautiful bouncy curls the easy way.

With 6 temperature options from 300F-390-F and 8-18s timers, you can customize the device as you like.

When you are using this curler, you can rest assured that it will not damage the hair, thanks to the negative ions the barrel produces.

They seal the moisture in your hair and keep them free from static and frizz.

You can charge it with the USB cable and use it for straight 60 minutes without any interruption.

CHI Spin N Curl


One of the best and top-rated devices on our list is the CHI spin n curl iron. The 1” barrel of this curler is perfect for styling short hair in a jiffy. 

The Barrel is made with ceramic and rotates in 2 directions to give you the perfect curls.

This ergonomically designed device is easy to use and an ideal choice for thick and unmanageable hair.

It has a dual voltage function, 3 temperature settings, and a safety shut-off feature too.

The hair is drawn into the curl chamber and curled with timing. Once the curling is done, there is a beep sound that alerts you.

Yitrust Automatic Curling Iron

Want to curl your hair the safe way? Then you can consider the Yitrust automatic curling iron. 

The hair is curled in a spiral ceramic barrel that takes care that the hair does not tangle in the process.

The heat settings on this iron can be adjusted between 180F-410F, which is displayed on a LED panel. You can also set a timer from 3-19 seconds for better control.

This iron is suited for all types and includes a swivel cord, dual voltage feature, and directional buttons.

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Kiss Instawave 101 1 ¼”

The Kiss Instawave 101 ceramic iron is among the affordable devices that can give you salon-finish curls at home. 

There are 2 barrel sizes of 1” and ¼,” which give you the freedom to make various curls from ringlets to beachy waves.

There is a directional dial feature using which you can curl your hair inwards or outwards.

All you have to do is place a section of the hair between the barrel and the spinner. In a few seconds, your hair will be curled to perfection.

The Pearl ceramic ionic technology of this curler 101 does not strip the hair of essential moisture, and thus, you have healthy curls.

Juisee Automatic Hair Curler

For smooth and long-lasting S waves, the Juisee hair curler is one of the best devices.

It has instant heat up feature, LCD temperature display, and dual voltage feature.

The ceramic barrel of this iron rotates in 2 directions to automatically curl your tresses and make them smooth. 

The highest temperature on the device can reach up to 460F and can be adjusted with the control buttons on the iron.

It also has an anti-scald head, 360-degree swivel cord, and PC plastic handle. 

No matter your hair type, you can get your dreamy curls in a hassle-free way with this iron.

Conair Unbound Cordless Curler

With no cords to trouble you, this curler from Conair is all that you need to get your dreamy curls.

It is power-packed with some very useful features that make styling your hair fun.

Your hair is curled in a ceramic chamber that can heat up to 400F.

The iron barrel is multi-directional, and hence it can curl towards the right, left, or mixed.

Additionally, the iron also comes with 3 heat settings with which you can customize the temperature.

With 60 minutes of smooth run time, this iron is great to work with. The automatic power-off feature is a big plus as it adds to the safety.

Miuopur Automatic Hair Curling Iron

Curling your hair is made easy with this Miuopur automatic curling iron.

Choose the desired temperature from180F-410F and set the timer as per your requirement, and you are ready to rock.

This automatic curler rotates in two directions to give you the desired curly look.

It features 30s fast heat-up technology, and hence you don’t have to wait for the iron to become hot.

Since the curler is made with ceramic tourmaline, you don’t have to worry about hair damage. It releases lots of negative ions that eliminate frizz and static from the hair.

Intelligent auto power-off, dual feature, 360-degree rotating cord are some of the features of this iron.

Hauea Auto Hair Curler

This automatic hair curler is your one-stop for all curling needs.

It is easy to use and curls your hair in no time. It features an intelligent induction motor to protect your hair from damage.

Though it is automatic, you are in full control of the heat and temperature.

You can adjust the temperature and timer as you want to.

It has up-to-date features, including an LCD panel, automatic power-off function, dual voltage, etc.

Most importantly, the curler is equipped with keratin ceramic coating, which protects the hair from heat damage while it is being curled.

So what you get is beautiful, curly hair that shines all along.


Automatic curling irons have made the lives of women easier and more fun-filled. They ease the styling process and give you a lot of freedom to experiment with different curls. 

If you are not a fashion enthusiast but like to curl your hair on special occasions or for fun’s sake, then this list is for you.

You can pick your favorite and start curling!

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