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Baby Hairstyles: Everything You Need to Know & 10 Cute Ideas

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Key Takeaways

  • Styling and combing your daughter’s hair is important to brush off the dirt, untangle locks, prevent mattes, and lock in moisture.
  • You can have a baby girls hairstyle in many ways, like a french braid, pigtails, braided ponytails, cornrows, a headband, side and middle parts, buns, a cute tie and bow, and a curly ponytail.
  • Aside from styling, washing the cute little girl’s hair thrice a week with paraben-free and tear-free shampoo is essential to clean their scalps and strands.
  • Grow the hair strands of your little girl by massaging the head with fruit and seed oils, switching their diet to healthy meals, regular strands brushing, and using mild shampoo and conditioner.

The modern world is fast-paced, and with its pacing comes the pressure of styling baby girls hair in varied hairstyling ways (e.g., braid and pony hairstyle) on a daily basis.

Aside from the societal pressure, it’s equally important to sport a proper hairstyle for baby girls as it will help brush off the dirt on the scalp from playing, help detangle curly hair to prevent matting, and add to their personality during school time and any events.

Sure, there are a lot of baby girl hairstyles on the internet, like short hair hairstyles, long hair hairstyles, curly hair braid hairstyles, and straight hair hairstyles. However, it’s always challenging to choose from these girl’s hairstyles.

But don’t worry because, in this article, we’ll give you ten simple and adorable baby hairstyles you can recreate and everything you need to know for your daughter’s hairstyle and care regimen!

10 Cutest Baby Hairstyles & Ideas

As a mom or dad, a sweet little thing you can do for your princess baby girl is fun, creative, and sleek baby girl hairstyles.

Of course, we won’t let you go without showing you some great inspos: cute baby girl hairstyles and braided ideas.

Scroll through these cute baby girls’ styles with images!

Infant Black Baby Hairstyles for Short Hair

One of the black baby girl styles that is easy to recreate is this short hairstyle which is parted with a tie and topped with a bow-shaped clip in pink. You can even add some braided vines instead of just tying them.

Moreover, remember that yes, you are giving your little babies a cuter baby girls hairstyle, but always put it in mind to ease out in tying. Don’t tie so tightly, as it may damage the baby girl’s scalp and roots.

If you are interested more in this topic, check out the 20 Infant Black Baby Hairstyles for Short Hair + Top Tips! article

1-Year Baby Boy Hairstyle

For baby boys, nothing is more adorable than having their hairstyles neat from the short sides, with a bit of funk on it through the front hairstyles’ spikes.

To sport this look, you can use a baby-friendly gel with mild and gentle ingredients only.

Mixed Baby Girl Hairstyles

Gorgeous wavy hairstyles on kids need a big bun with dashes of braids and some hair loose on both sides for a trendy braided style.

Yet, if your little girls do not have big curls like the one in the image, you can always clip some hairstyle bun extensions.

Baby Boy Braided Hairstyles

If your kids have long hair and you want to tie it to keep it out of their faces, the better way to do that is through the sunrise cornrows hairstyle (or any other braids).

This braided hairstyle is also beneficial for baby girls and boys as it can protect their strands from losing moisture and preventing it from being brittle.

French Braids for Baby Girl’s Hair

Three-part french braids are one of the baby girl hairstyles’ staple as it gives a fun and creative strand-designing perspective. 

Also, the braids protect the little girl from having dried and matted hairstyles as the braids help keep in all the moisture.

Nonetheless, the best way to elevate the french braid game for girl hairstyles is by adding some ribbon at the bottom end of the braid. 

Cornrow Braids for Little Girls

Little girls with longer hair can also have cornrows hairstyles as their go-to baby hairstyle

To sizzle this cornrow side braids style, you can use beads, with the color of their choice, as the baby girl hairstyle accessories.

High Ponytail With Headbands for Baby Girls

Once in a while, you need to let your little girls’ hair loose from braids for it to breathe. With that, do some simple high ponytails and wrap their head in gorgeous headbands.

To make everything adorable for your little one, choose a headband print that matches their OOTD. You may prefer a headband bow, too!

Two Buns With Side Parting Hairstyle for Baby Girls

Another baby girl hairstyle you may want to achieve for your little girls is the two-buns style with a french braid side parting.

Keeping your little girls’ baby hairstyle in buns (with some braids) is a perfect way to save time and style quickly, and the braid will also be an advantage for your little ones who love to play and glide outdoors.

One Side Bangs With Braids and Accessories for Baby Girls

These braided side bangs with a cute little ponytail on top are cuter ways of doing the usual braided hairstyles with bangs.

In sporting these modern braids as your baby girl hairstyles, you may add style through accessories like bows, hairstyle clips, and beads all over the braid.

Loose Bun With Hair Clips and Elastic Bands for Baby Girls

Loose buns are the key to keeping them in style when your toddlers are in a bad mood and won’t sit still for ponytails, one-side braid, or pigtails.

All you have to do in making a loose buns hairstyle is tie your little girls’ strands using elastic bands or rubber bands in low or high buns. 

Then, add some clips, bows, or a headband in front of the bow to make your baby girl hairstyles stylish and adorable.

Sometimes, a quick braid or twist before turning into a bun is a good idea, too, especially for kids with curly strands.

How Do You Wash a Baby’s Hair Properly?

The proper washing of your baby girls’ hair depends on their age range, as newborns need extra care, and if you’re handling little girls in their toddler stage, you need mild shampoo and longer patience.

Yet, to give you a glimpse into washing your babies’ hair, here is a step-by-step guide:

  • Buy baby-friendly shampoo and conditioner that are paraben-free, phthalates-free, and alcohol-free
  • Prepare your baby girl and her bathing area
  • Use lukewarm water to wet the hair
  • Lather in a circular motion with your little ones’ shampoo, and wash
  • Apply a conditioner if your little princess has dry and brittle hair strands for a more manageable hairstyle
  • Wash off and dry with a washcloth

What Shampoo Ingredients Are Good for Baby’s Hair?

On the market, many shampoo products claim to have baby-safe components. But what are labeled as good ingredients for your baby girl?

We don’t want to leave you hanging, so we compiled the shampoo ingredients and labels you need to look for in your little girls’ hairstyles.

  • USDA-certified essential fruit oils
  • Vegetable oil
  • Chamomile extract
  • Tear-free hairstyle formula
  • Fragrance-free hairstyle product

What Shampoo Ingredients Should Babies Avoid?

When there are ingredients you need to look for, there are also components you must avoid to keep your baby girls’ hair healthy and swiftly ace the best baby girl hairstyles.

Parents, always choose hairstyle shampoo that doesn’t have these:

  • Synthetic dyes & fragrances
  • Formaldehyde & sulfates
  • Parabens & phthalates
  • Surfactants like cetyl alcohol

These ingredients have benefits; however, the consequences of using shampoo with these on your baby girls’ hair outweigh all its pros.

A case in point is cetyl alcohol which has low cleansing properties and can even cause irritation, has carcinogenic characteristics, and can damage healthy hair growth based on a study. [1]

Some shampoo components, like synthetic fragrances and dyes, can even cause allergic contact dermatitis, which causes itch, redness, and blisters. [2]

How Often Should I Wash Baby Hair?

You should wash your kid’s hair twice to thrice a week. This number is enough as too frequent child hair washing can dry the strands, leading to more itching and irritation.

The dryness happens when the sebum, naturally produced by the body, gets stripped off your scalp. [3]

As this dryness continues, your baby girl and her strands may not grow healthy and will be prone to breakages. Also, it will affect the ease of reinventing a hairstyle for your girls.

However, don’t fret because if your baby girl has straight hair, washing often isn’t a problem. Her hair produces more oil because it’s structured differently than African babies with naturally curly hair.

On the other hand, for those girls with natural curls, a hairstyle regimen, including conditioners and moisturizers, can help you hydrate your strands to get the perfect hairstyle, may it be braids, pigtails, or a ponytail.

How Do I Care for the Hair of My 3, 6, 9, and 12-Month-Old Baby?

Taking care of your kids’ hair is like protecting their well-being. You have to remember what to apply, what to avoid, and how to perform a baby-girl-hair-care routine properly.

Keep these hairstyle care tips in mind for your baby girls:

  • Use natural shampoo two to three times a week
  • Gently comb your baby girl’s strands with soft bristles
  • Do not continuously pull the strands in tight buns or ponytails
  • Always use lukewarm water for your babies 
  • Use a conditioner and moisturizer as needed for better hairstyles
  • Massage your cute kid’s head gently to help in strand growth and relaxation
  • A soft towel or washcloth is preferred when drying baby girls hair
  • Detangle their hairstyles gently so that they will not form dreads and mattes which can be painful for young ones
  • Always consult your pediatrician or dermatologist before using hairstyle products for your little girl

How Often Should I Comb Baby Hair?

Comb your baby’s strands regularly or at least three times a day, every day. You can use a soft-bristled brush and gently comb over the short hair or long hair.

When combing, don’t put too much pressure on the brush as you may pull hard and break the follicles of your baby girls.

Nonetheless, regularly combing your baby girl’s hair will yield better oil distribution and production and improved blood circulation. With better oil moisture on your strands, you can also easily ace every hairstyle (e.g., braids, ponytail, buns, and bows).

Smiling Little Girl Brushing Her Hair

What Hairbrush Should I Use for Babies?

The hairbrush you must use for your babies differ based on their age. An ultra-soft bristle brush is the gentlest option for newborns, while toddlers and little girls can opt for soft bristle brushes to keep their hairstyles glowing and healthy.

A detangler may also aid baby girls’ kinky or braided hairstyles, while a silicone brush is a perfect choice for easy grip and if you don’t want your baby girl’s styling partner to get molds.

How Can I Get My Baby’s Hair to Grow Better?

Getting your babies to grow their strands is sometimes a challenging task. Yet, we have tips for having solid and steady hair growth for your adorable young ones:

  • Use fruit and seed oils like coconut oil
  • Regularly brush their strands
  • Massage their head 
  • Make them eat a healthy and balanced diet
  • Gentle shampoo and mild conditioners can help with growth and hairstyles too

How Can I Keep My Baby’s Hair Moisturized?

When your baby has dry strands, always apply baby oil after a bath or a dermatologically approved leave-on conditioner for babies.

However, if your baby girl gets her strands drier as days pass by, it’s high time to consult your pediatrician as it may be a sign of skin conditions, like eczema or cradle cap.

Final Thoughts

Making your little girl happy through cute baby girl hairstyles can be done quickly with the tips and styles we presented in this article: a braid, a ponytail, a loose puff, you name it!

Just remember, mom and dad, wash your little girl’s head twice to thrice a week, choose natural shampoo products without harmful chemicals, and comb your kids’ hair with a soft-bristled brush.

Now, choose from our cute baby girl hairstyles and start recreating them with your baby girls (and even boys)!

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