Aura By Swarovski Eau De Parfum Review

What a beautiful day! Day when you have write a post about the product you LOOOOVE! And I love this perfume. The bad thing is I rarely recognize the scents or notes the perfume is made of so I’ll use a bit of google help.Let’s start with the notes. (Source)fruity ray with notes of juicy lychee: connecting to the prism of energy, the ray transforms into intense and rosy vibrations of sensual femininity. Of course. Lychee. I should have known. Guess I’m crazy about that smell.A floral ray with notes of pure white tuberose: connecting to the prism of energy, the ray transforms into voluptuous vibrations of majestic femininity. A spicy ray with notes of subtly vibrant pink pepper: connecting to the prism of energy, the ray transforms into warm and woody vibrations of mysterious femininity.When I read all this, I agree – the scent is fruity, floral and a little bit spicy. I love how it smells on my skin and I think this is a perfect perfume for me. Besides it lasts all day long. For a daily use I spray it only once on my neck and twice if I’m going to a party or something. That is enough for me, not too much but you can still smell me

The bottle is designed by Gwenaël Nicolas. On the top is the genuine Swarovski crystal which makes the simple packaging prestigious (and a bit pricey). But the good thing about it is the bottle is refillabale which means your second purchase will be cheaper + by being refillable it is perserving the environment. Besides that, the bottles themselves are recyclable – Swarovski really put an effort to make it eartth-friendly.As I don’t like to sort perfumes by the seasons I also don’t like to recommend them because they don’t smell the same on different skin types and also because every person has its own taste, and what I like you may not and vice versa.

And if you are interested…This spring Swarovski is launching new line of Aura perfumes called Aura by Swarovski Love Collection. This collection will be floral-woody-musky scented (freesia, lilies, roses, sandalwood, white musk). The bottle looks like the EDT one with crystals and illustrations on the stopper. I’ll definitely go smell it, what about you?