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20 and 30 Volume Developer To Lighten Hair – Which one for you?

Hair lightening is entirely impossible without the use of the developer.

The developer contains hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) in both liquid and cream form. While liquid developers were ideal for gray hair, creams were ideal for conditioning.

The Hydrogen peroxide present in the developer sets the stage for hair lightening by opening the hair cuticle.

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As a result, the color pigments infiltrate deep into the hair fiber and coloring them.

The developer is unquestionably a crucial ingredient. Without it, no color changes can effect.

To activate the developer, you have to mix it with ingredients such as hair dye or bleach.

Mix the developer and the ingredients in specific ratios keeping in mind the desired lighting effects. Apply on your hair for changes to take effect.

The developer is an ideal component of hair care.

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SoKellz Beauty Channel
Using 20, 30 volume developer to lighten hair (Image: SoKellz Beauty Channel)

Benefits of developer

There are immense benefits of using the developer for your hair care.

  • First, its use gives rise to fine colors. The resulting hair color changes are durable and of great intensity.
  • Besides, it sets the stage for color removal by unlocking points of intersections of the cuticle overlap for natural color pigments to be eliminated from the hair.
  • The developer also allows for color changes effect to take place. It does this by unloading color while simultaneously unlocking the cuticle layers for color pigments to fall in.
  • Using the developer keeps the hair in uniform coverage since the fusion it forms with hair color is consistent offering no fears for a color trickle.
  • Lastly, the developer activates the hair dye.

The above benefits of the developer set the stage for hair color lightening.

For this reason, the developer is a must-have ingredient for hair care.

The different levels of developer and its meaning

The hair developer levels simply imply the oxidizing capability of the developer.

  • 10 volume developer: The 10-volume developer is made to be used when adding color to hair of a similar lightness degree. It works by opening cuticle layers permitting the color to deposit and to penetrate the hair strands. It has 3% peroxide.
  • 20 volume developer: Unlocks the hair cuticles lifting them by up to 2 levels. If, for instance, your head is covered with non-uniform distribution of grey hairs, 20 volume developer works to make the whole head 100% grey hair. It contains 6% peroxide.
  • 30 volume developer: Works by lightening the hair up to 2 to 3 levels. Ideal for use when the desired color is at least two-thirds of the primary color. It is healthier for lighter and profound colors.
  • 40 volume developer: It is powerful and is potentially able to give rise to very superior changes. It is ideal for blonde and can lift the iterations to four levels.

In this article, we will focus on the 20 and 30 volume developer to lighten hair – the most commonly used developers.

How to use volume developer to lighten hair?

Work with hair color

The most popular developer in the modern world of hair today is the 20 volume developer.

In case you ask for the developer to palliate your hair, the 20 volume developer should be the one given to you.

It can be used together with both permanent dye and temporary colors.

Permanent dyes

Permanent dyes make irreversible color changes to your hair strands. You can, however, remove it using products such as sodium bicarbonate and vinegar.

Don’t worry so much in case you are thinking the changes on your head are permanent. Get the right ingredients to regain your original hair colors.

A mixture of the permanent dye and the developer works wonders when applied to your head. It dilates the hair cuticles and lets the mixture penetrate extensively into the hair.

The cuticles close up to ensure that your permanent hair color stays longer.

Before - After using 20 volume developer
Before – After using 20 volume developer (Image: hairdeveloper.com)

Temporary colors

The temporary colors have an inhibiting factor. They have heavy color pigments that can’t penetrate the hair cuticles.

They remain on the hair surface, and you can easily remove by single shampoo wash.

Temporary colors can be mixed with 20 volume developer to offer temporary lighting to your hair.

Toning and bleaching

You can use bleach together with 20 volume developer to lighten your hair. You can have your blonde hair in a short period.

For hair toning, 20 volume developer mostly lifts colors and cannot be used to lift the original dark colors. It is ideal for toning colored hair.

Hair experts recommend that you follow the given directions for perfect results.

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Covering grey and aging hair

What else would work best for you, if not 20 volume developer?

When the hair coverage on your head is above 50%, use it to cover the greyish hair. The chief step in using a 20% volume developer is knowing the amount to add to the base.

For 50% of grey hair, fuse 50% of the base and 50% of the intended final color.

For 75% of grey hair, mix 75% base and 75% of the color intended. For 100% of grey hair, only use the base.

Variations in the use of 20 and 30 volume of the developer to lighten hair

If you like your hair, never attempt any ‘silly’ styling without having the right information. Do not play games with your hair.

We are going to provide you with the information you need concerning the 20 and 30 volume developer.

The hair developers are similar in their application although they differ in the results they bring out. This is because of the difference in the concentrations of hydrogen peroxide.

To be honest, the more the developer concentrations, the more damage you cause to your hair strands—painful truth.

Lightening hair with 20 volume developer

20 volume developer is ideal for you if you don’t wish to lighten your hair too much. Two or three tones are just ideal for you.

Low hair volume results in low damages to the hair. You can go ahead and lighten your hair at home with the 6% peroxide concentration.

Lightening with the 30 volume developer

The 30 volume is similar to the 20 volume except for the difference in 10 volume concentration. Its application is similar to the 20 volume developer.

The 30 volume will not damage ‘virgin’ hair. The developer works best in virgin hair that hasn’t seen any chemical manipulation before. It functions best on rough and fine hair.

You should leave the developer for about 30 minutes on your head for perfect results. 30 volume developer is ideal for hair with a high color, leading to unnecessary washing and aching damages.

With 30 volume developer, it can prove to be a bit dangerous to use but, the results are worth the risks. You get colorful color changes instantly.

Lighten hair with volume developer
Lighten hair with volume developer (Image: newsnationtv)

I hope you got the help you needed concerning the 20 volume and 30 volume developer. You now perfectly know when and where to use them. Rock your beautiful hair.



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